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August 13 - Happening This Week

Inside: Survey, Promotion Sunday, Bibles to First Graders, Wednesday Nights, Lord's Supper, and Register for Worship.

This is a copied-and-pasted version of our weekly email. If you would like to receive this information by email, please use the "Subscribe" button in the bottom menu.


Parent Check-In!

We can all agree that 2020 has been a tough year! It’s been especially tough on families with school-age children. We want to check-in with our Moms and Dads and see how they are coping with the challenges of this year. This 4-8 minute survey looks specifically at how the parent and children are doing in areas like health, faith, relationships, and finances. It will give our church leaders a pulse on how parents are feeling about the prospect of their kids attending in-person ministry programming at the church and allows parents to indicate what they currently need from the church in terms of support. Moms and Dads, take a few minutes and “check-in”:


We had 19 people take our inaugural weekly survey. Below are the results. I’m so thankful that those nineteen people have a healthy, above-average level of engagement with God’s Word and a high view of Scripture. Even if you didn’t take last week’s survey, I hope you can celebrate these results with me. I also hope you will still take the time to do your own assessment of how much you turn to God’s Word for guidance, comfort, and strength. Our church has some resources available online to help you:


Sunday, August 16

Children's Sunday School begins this week! We are very excited to have our children back on campus (and their parents). It is Promotion Sunday so children will report to their new classes.  


Re:Connect classes for adults begin Wednesday, September 9, at 6:00 PM. Shelly Ward will lead a Women’s Study, Better, by Jen Wilkins. David Lambert will lead a study by David Jeremiah, What Are You Afraid Of?. This class is open to everyone. There is a suggested donation of $14 for books. Call the church office to sign up!


Wednesday, September 9

6:00-7:15 PM

TinyKID: 3-year-old– Kindergarten

TeamKID: Grades 1-6

 Elevate: Grades 7-12

Daddio's Donuts will be on campus for our Wednesday night kick-off! Youth, TeamKID, and TinyKID participants will receive FREE donuts to celebrate the return of children's missions programming. Adults, feel free to purchase donuts while you are on campus.


Sunday, August 23

We will observe the Lord’s Supper and a benevolence offering will be received. We will be using prepackaged Lord’s Supper elements that will be pre-placed in the pews. 


Help us spread the word about our wonderful preschool ministry! Cornerstone Preschool Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is still open! You can mail in your applications or drop them by the church. Our preschool director, Kori Langham, is available to answer any questions you may have.

Download forms here



Let us know you are coming! We need you to register for worship if you plan on attending in person. You can register online at or you can call the church office to make a reservation. This will help us plan more effectively and have enough overflow seating set up in the Fellowship Hall if necessary. We will continue to offer online services via live-streaming if you are unable to attend or don't feel comfortable attending in-person services yet. We look forward to worshiping in person and continuing to worship online with you!

While on campus we ask that you practice all safety guidelines. Make every effort to keep you, your family, and our church family safe. We encourage you to wear a mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and if you or someone in your family doesn't feel well please stay home. Please be diligent about your health and ours. 


While we are in uncertain financial times, it is as important as ever for us to trust in God’s providential care and to give so that the Kingdom’s work can continue. We are still doing ministry, supporting missions, helping with disaster relief, and we still have bills and staff to pay. We encourage you to mail or drop by the church office your tithe and gifts. We also have online giving available on our website and via the Realm Connect app.


In part 2 of “The Enemies Within,” Pastor David helps us continue to examine the things within our own lives that can keep us from thriving as God’s people in a troubled world. Read Amos 6 and come Sunday morning to hear what sinful and unhealthy tendencies in our own hearts and minds God would have us root out.

Join us in person, listen on WTHO 101.7 FM, or watch our live-stream online.  

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