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Forgot when that meeting is? No worries - go to our detailed Member's Calendar.


There are five common options for giving: (1) Give in Sunday School (use this option if you aren't able to stay for worship or if you will be serving elsewhere on campus when the offering is taken) (2) Give in worship (we are not "passing the plates" right now; instead, we have giving boxes located near the exits of the sanctuary) (3) Put a check in the mail - to First Baptist Church PO Box 1205 Thomson GA 30824 (4) Set up an auto-draft through your bank (every bank is different, but many banks offer this service to you free of charge) (5) Give on-line through Realm Members: use your giving envelopes, please! Believe it or not, those envelopes are very important. They make it a lot faster to post giving accurately, and they give us the ability to double-check the numbers more effectively.


We want all of our members to have a decent idea about their SHAPE, and this information is available to you in Realm, but that functionality is still in development for us. We will let you know when it is ready!

Member's Directory

We use two services - an online family photo directory at You will have to contact the church office to get an account. If you have any problems, go to And we are moving toward a new service called Realm. Learn about this service, how privacy works, and how you can use it by clicking on the link.

Files and Forms

If you've been told that you need to fill something out, you can probably find it here (background check authorization, medical release, facility reservation, and more) Go to our Files and Forms page

Much of our member services relies on a tool called Realm Connect - available online (, on the App Store and on Google Play. You also have to be invited by our staff; contact the church office for more. 

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