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What do I do next?

Being a Christian is a life-long journey. It's starts at the moment you confess your faith in Jesus and give your life to Him as your Lord and Savior. And Jesus will be at work in you until the final breath you take in this life. Our role at First Baptist Church is to help you along that process (just as we ask you to help us in our lives--it's a journey we share together).

Our Process at First Baptist Church

Here's what being a Christian looks like at First Baptist Church: Come, Grow, Serve, Go.

Come to Christ in worship-->

  • Come to Jesus for salvation and be baptized

  • Come to worship every week (and eventually become a member of FBC)

  • Spend time with God daily in personal worship

Grow in Christlikeness in a group-->

  • Be a part of a small group Bible study every week

  • Grow through regular equipping classes that address a specific need

  • Be committed to personal spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible reading

Serve Christ out of love-->

  • Serve regularly from your SHAPE

  • Regularly meet people's needs with gospel compassion

  • Practice biblical stewardship of your time, money, and talents

Go for Christ to make disciples-->

  • Regularly pray, give, and even go to reach our neighbors and the nations

  • Be prepared to engage others in a gospel conversation

  • Be part of a one-on-one disciplemaking relationship


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For Kids and Teenagers

Most parents, when they come to our site, want to know what First Baptist Church is like for children and teenagers. Click on the links to learn more:

Come to Christ for salvation. 

Come join us to worship. 

Come connect with us through membership.

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Grow in Christlikeness in a weekly small group Bible study.

Grow daily in personal spiritual disciplines.

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Serve Christ from your unique SHAPE.

Practice biblical stewardship of your time, talents and money.

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Go for Christ to make disciples.

Pray, give, and go to reach our neighbors and the nations.

Be a disciplemaker

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