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The Bible: God's Word for Us

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Here are some online resources for you. If you want helps specifically designed for your family and children, check out this article:

That answers questions like What do we believe about the Bible at First Baptist Church? Which version do we recommend that you read to your children? What can you do to study the Bible as a family?

Two websites we recommend for reading the Bible online are and are partner sites. On you can read the Bible online; on you can learn about their excellent Bible reading apps: The Bible App and The Bible App for Kids.

On, you also have access to a number of Bible-based videos. For example, they have the entire Gospel of Luke and of John in video form.

For studying the Bible, we recommend the amazing work done by the good people at

They have a webpage, a video, and a poster for every book of the Bible, and it's all free! In addition, they have webpages and videos for major topics of the Bible, like the Holy Spirit, angels, and wisdom. I've been most impressed by how they clearly relate everything to Jesus Christ. If you want to study the Bible, this is a good place to start!

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