Serve on a team
  Meet people's needs
    Be a good steward

Serve Christ out of love . . .

We want all of our church members to

  • Regularly serve from your unique SHAPE on a team.

  • Regularly meet people's needs with gospel compassion.

  • Practice biblical stewardship of your time, money, and talents.


Wait - What's My "SHAPE"?

God has created every one of us to be absolutely unique, and God wants us to use our unique S.H.A.P.E. to serve one another in love and for His glory. At First Baptist Church, we offer many different ways our members can serve, and that list is always growing. But it starts with you knowing your SHAPE!

Spiritual Gifts

Heart Passions





Opportunities to Serve

Serving in Children's Ministries

We have no greater privilege and calling than sharing our faith with the next generation. We need leaders, teachers, and helpers with our weekly ministries like Sunday School and Children's Church, our seasonal ministries like TeamKID and children's choirs, and our annual ministries like Upward Basketball and Vacation Bible School. Everyone who works with children at FBC must sign our Safe Environment Policy for Children and Youth and submit to a nationwide criminal background check. If you have a heart for children, please contact our minister of youth and family so we can decide the next step together!

Serving in Student Ministries

Working with middle school and high school students is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world--ask any teacher. Well, we are teaching students truths that are just as important as anything they learn in their school, and we must do the best job possible. We have church members serving as leaders and chaperones in weekly Bible studies; we also need people to host youth events, to drive the bus to events, to bring food or supplies to events, and to be a prayer warrior for our youth. As with anyone working with children, you will have to learn our safe environment policy and submit to a nationwide criminal background check. If you want to learn more about working with youth, contact our youth and family pastor!

Serving in the Community

The most important thing we can do is serve outside the walls of our building, being a light for Jesus in our world. Many of these opportunities don't need to come from the church--you don't need our permission to serve your neighbors and tell people you know about Jesus! However, we do organize a number of major events that require lots of help including Upward Basketball, Spring Festival, Vacation Bible School, Music Camp, Freedom Blast, public school kickoff, Trunk or Treat, Drive Through Nativity, and more. We also partner with our local food bank MANNA who is always looking for weekday volunteers. If you want to be a part of anything like this, keep an eye on our weekly bulletin and sign up when they appear. You can also talk to any of our secretaries for more information.

Serving in the Kitchen

Let's be honest, some people love to cook. And Baptist church members love to eat. We have plenty of opportunities for you to cook your favorite dish, and anyone who is willing to help us clean up our kitchen is gratefully welcome. We have a number of churchwide meals throughout the year that need homemade food, including a Fourth of July cookout, a Thanksgiving/Budget banquet, and multiple Sunday School breakfasts. We also need regular help with our bereavement ministry--preparing and serving a meal for a family before/after a funeral. The youth have meal fundraisers. And more. If you like to cook, we can find a way for those skills to be put to use! Contact the associate pastor for more information.

Serving Behind the Scenes

Many Christians simply want to help; they don't want to be out front, and they certainly don't want recognition. Our church has plenty of such opportunities including helping us set up and clean up for events, helping us with registration and administration, helping us with planning, and even helping us with IT and A/V. We have a robust committee structure to help the staff with church operation including baptisms, evangelistic events, decorating, mission trips, property and space, recreation, and more. If you want to learn more about these opportunities, contact the associate pastor.

Serving as a Friendly Face

Maybe you're not sure about any of that, but you like to talk to people, and you like to smile. Our church (and every church) is always looking for greeters--not just for our church services but for all of our events. Maybe you can even help us answer the phones for a time during the week! Contact the church office if you want to learn more about these opportunities.



Stewardship is the idea that everything belongs to God, and God lets us be responsible for a part of it. At FBC, we promote Dave Ramsey's approach called Financial Peace University (and we usually teach it once a year). He believes that Christians should live debt free and be exceedingly generous. His course covers everything from budgeting to investing.

Financial Peace University.jpg

But we aren't just stewards of money - we also have skills, talents, and time that God wants us to use wisely and for His glory. It was well said that we can learn everything we need to know about a person's priorities by looking at their bank statement, their calendar, and their phone history. We want your life to be in service of God, and that's why we want to give you meaningful opportunities to use your gifts and talents through and alongside our church.