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Trunk or Treat 2021

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We had beautiful weather for our Sunday Trunk or Treat, and I want to thank everybody who made it such a great event. I tried to keep up a head count of guests and just couldn't. Based on the amount of candy given away, it looks like we had about 500 kids and 750-800 total.

I really want to thank everyone who found more candy the day of -- I was fretting about that. In the course of the morning, we went from "that's gonna be close" to "we have candy galore", and that's because you guys are always listening and looking to help.

Here are some decoration pix -- we also had the Fire Department participate, and the hayride may have been the most popular part of all!

We had some very creative ways to share the love of Jesus, and I really hope that our guests heard it (at least after the 10th or so encounter).

Continue to pray for our community. And God bless you!

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