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What's Happening at FBC November 5

Inside: A note from Matt, Fall Festival, Daylight Savings Time, Young at Heart and more!


Really, it's a note from the whole Ward family. Thank you so much for showering us with attention and affection on Sunday. (And chocolate.) It doesn't seem like it's been 10 years, but those pictures of Micah and Sarah prove otherwise. The strongest thanks I can give is how happy I am that my family gets to be a part of this church family. Some of you went way above and beyond to make Sunday special for us, and our hearts are full because of you -- God bless you. And may God continue to be with us in these years to come -- we have so much more to do! I pledge not to lose focus or drive as we consider the future.

Always in Jesus,

Matt, Shelly, Micah, and Sarah Ward


Tomorrow is our fall festival! This event is not just for folks with kids, it's for everyone! We hope to see you tomorrow!


Remember that Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday. Set your clocks back an hour!


Young at Heart is Tuesday, November 14 at 11:00 AM. Please RSVP by November 9.


No, you aren't crazy. Last month was chicken broth as well. Manna has asked our church to provide chicken broth for both the Thanksgiving bags and the Christmas bags.

Every year, Manna gives Christmas meals to families in need. They have asked our church to donate chicken broth. Please bring this donation before the end of November so that Manna has enough time to assemble the Thanksgiving meals. The chicken broth can be in a can or a box. Please place items in the blue bin in the atrium.


Looking for this week's bulletin and sermon notes? You can find them on our website! Go to the page MyFBC / FBCLive -- you can find that on our menu at the top or on our sitemap at the bottom of each page.

Or, just click on this link:

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