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Watch The Chosen

The Chosen is the first ever multi-season series about the life of Jesus Christ, and it's entirely crowdfunded so it can tell the story of Jesus as it should be, not under the influence of a movie studio. You can watch this series on their website (link to the right), or you can watch it below. We have been given permission to post their episodes as part of their effort to let everybody in the world watch. We are not yet posting Season 2 because we will watch it together as a church this summer!

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The Chosen

The videos above include the livestream countdown and comments by the director -- the episodes start after a few minutes! The Chosen also has a free app and study materials (linked below). (It's even easier to watch these episodes using the free app.) And if you have been blessed by this show, you have the opportunity on their website to help them fund future seasons.

Watch The Chosen on their free app:

Wear The Chosen and go deeper with their study materials:

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