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May 2024 FBC Newsletter

Inside: a reminder about Mother's Day (and free family photos by Maggie!), Missions Night with TeamKid and TinyKid on May 8, Graduate Recognition Sunday, and a reminder about the prayer breakfast this Thursday (5/2); but the biggest focus is on the results of our Quarterly Conference and what comes next with our need to revitalize our building.

And on a fun note, here are a few pictures from our community Spring Festival on Saturday. As always, it was extremely well-attended and everybody had a great time. We were the most pleasantly surprised with the number of families who sat down and listened to a gospel presentation as part of the egg hunt event.

We cannot say thank you enough to our church members who worked very hard to make this a positive, safe, well-organized, and welcoming event. (And we're also really thankful to God for giving us great weather.)

You can always find past newsletters on our website.

If you want to download/read on your device, here it is:

May Cornerstone for Website
Download PDF • 869KB

If you want to read it on our website, go here:

God bless you! fbct

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