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Holy Week Resources

Holy Week 2020 (from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday) was completely changed by COVID-19. We were not allowed to get together for our community lunches, children's events, or family events. As a result, we put everything online. The nice thing about that is we forever have access to it for anyone who is interested.

Resources for Families

Let's start with this outline of things families can do all week long:

FBC Thomson Holy Week at Home Guide (Ful
Download • 367KB

Here's a special page of activities for Palm Sunday:

Palm Sunday Worship & Activity (Full Pag
Download • 266KB

Here's a special discussion for the dinner table for Maundy Thursday (when Jesus had the Last Supper):

Maundy Thursday Kitchen Table Communion
Download • 310KB

And finally, here's an outline for a worship service for Easter morning:

Easter Sunrise Service (Full Page)
Download PDF • 291KB

Devotional Thoughts for Holy Week

And Finally, A Holy Week Tour of Jerusalem

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