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February 18 - Happening This Week

Inside: Israel, Upward, Book Club, SHAPE Resources, Faith@Home, Wednesday Nights and Monthly Ministry.

This is a copied-and-pasted version of our weekly email. If you would like to receive this information by email, please use the "Subscribe" button in the bottom menu.


We are eagerly anticipating taking a wonderful group to Israel from January 13-22, 2022. The amazing people at Yael Group have put together an incredible itinerary for us to experience together. Visit for more details, a fuller itinerary, and to register for the trip with all the necessary information (No deposits due at this time). The Password for the website is 2022.

We are also excited that Dr. Marcus Merritt will be preaching for us on Sunday, February 21, and then leading us through an informational meeting at 2 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Dr. Merritt led David's trip to Israel last year as the head of Church Minister Relations for the GA Baptist Mission Board. Currently, Dr. Merritt is a professor at Luther Rice Seminary and a representative for Yael Group travel. If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming trip of a lifetime, make plans to join us at 2 PM on February 21.


Check out our new SHAPE Resource section of the Faith@Home resource center in the Atrium!

And while you're there -- We have a great new resource available at the Faith@Home Resource Center that ties in with Pastor David's next sermon series on Mark. We encourage you to stop by and pick up the Gospel of Mark Lent Bible Reading Plan to help your family read through this gospel as Pastor David preaches through it! You can also download this resource from the Faith@Home page on our website.


Join us for Disciple's Pathway on Wednesday Nights at 6:00 PM for a new series "Asking for a Friend: Finding Answers to Tough Questions from the Bible"! Matt and David have been working on a list of "tough questions" to answer each week and invite you to submit your own "tough questions" via text, email, or on the connection card on Sunday. I'll list a few example questions below!

  • Where did Cain's wife come from?

  • Did the magi's astrology really work?

  • Does God hate Esau?


For this month's book club selection, we will read Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter edited by Nancy Guthrie.

This collection of 25 readings features writings and sermons from classic and contemporary theologians and Bible teachers that can encourage thoughtful contemplation of the cross and resurrection during Lent as we approach Easter. The links to purchase a book are below.

We will meet on Tuesday, March 23. If you want to be part of the in-person book club, join us in the Fellowship Hall at 6 PM. But if you want to be part of the online book club, we will meet separately at 7:15 PM on Zoom. Contact the church office and let us know which meeting to expect you to attend: in-person or online.


Join us in praying for our upcoming Upward Basketball Skills and Drills Camp! We have listed a few specific ways to pray below.

  • Pray for the children and families participating in our first-ever Upward Basketball Skills & Drills Camp.

  • Pray for our volunteer youth, adults, and coaches helping to make this event a success.

  • Pray for health and safety for everyone at Upward Basketball Camp.

  • Pray that not only will this be a beneficial time for children to learn about the game, but more importantly, learn about the love of Jesus.

  • Pray for decisions to be made for Jesus. The gospel presentation will be presented on February 27 and decision cards will be filled out from participants.


Monthly Ministry Donation Items: Dental Hygiene Items

Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Small Bottles of Mouth Wash

Please bring your items and place them in the blue box under the portico.


While we are in uncertain financial times, it is as important as ever for us to trust in God’s providential care and to give so that the Kingdom’s work can continue. We are still doing ministry, supporting missions, helping with disaster relief, and we still have bills and staff to pay. We encourage you to mail or drop by the church office your tithe and gifts. We also have online giving available on our website and via the Realm Connect app.


Join us in person, on the radio, or online as we welcome Dr. Marcus Merritt to the pulpit!

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