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Physical Health and Recreation

We believe that God created us with souls and bodies, and that it is important for us to take care of them both. At First Baptist Church, we provide opportunities for church members and community members to exercise their bodies and learn more how to do that wisely and safely.

Our Campus for Our Community


Gym and Track

M-F: 7:00am - 5:00 PM

18 laps = 1 mile

Our gym is open to the community; you only have to sign in at the desk.

Woman Lifting Weights

Weight Room

M-F: 7:00am - 1:00 PM

*requires supervision

You also might want to learn more about our Cross Train weight ministry . . .


Park and Track

M-F: dawn to dusk

4.3 laps = 1 mile

Our park is open to the community; please note that the playground is for preschool-aged children.



We offer classes year-round as well as seaonal opportunities (like Upward Basketball). Keep scrolling to learn more.

Campus Hours

Classes and Training Opportunities

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Stretch and Flex

M/W/F: 10:00 am

A trainer from the Family Y comes to our gym to lead this 1-hour light impact exercise class; open to the whole community.

Gym Class

Firm Believers

T/Th: 4:30 pm

An aerobics instructor leads this 1-hour workout, perfect for teachers and moms; open to the community.

Weights at Gym

Cross Train

By appointment only

Depending on availability, a certified weightlifting instructor can show you how to properly use free weights to increase strength, balance, and overall health.

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