Small Group Bible Study

In a world that reinvents its ethics and morals on a regular basis, knowing and understanding the sure foundation of truth in the Bible is vital. The best way to learn the Bible is in a small group of peers in which you can ask questions, struggle with application, and hold one another accountable. 

That process looks like this: (1) Acknowledge that God has authority in our lives. (2) Study the words of the Bible. (3) Discover the truths taught in those words. (4) Personalize those truths to our unique life situation. (5) Struggle with the implications--life changes that need to be made. (6) Believe and obey.

That's a hard process! We need people we trust to help us go through that, and to go through it alongside us. This is true no matter how old or young we are. And that's why we have small group Bible studies every Sunday morning. You can call it "Sunday School" if you want, but it's not just for kids. It's for everyone.

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Frequently asked questions

Nursery and Preschool Division

Babies can learn about Jesus too! We have groups for nursery (0-1), younger preschool (2-3) and older preschool (4-K). All of these groups meet on our Preschool Hall. Take the elevator or stairs to "level 3" and the greeters in the foyer can help check you in.

Children Division

Our grade schoolers (1st-5th) all meet on "level 5" (above the preschool) in a big group before splitting up into their age groups, depending on that day's lesson.

Student Division

Our youth (6th-12th) meet in two groups. The sixth graders meet on "level 5". The rest of the students meet in the fellowship hall in groups coordinated by our youth pastor.

Adult Division

We have a wide range of groups for adults. We have multiple groups for younger adults (and it seems that the age of the kids is a more unifying factor than the age of the parents!). If your kids are older, we have options for couples, just for women, and just for men. And if you're older, we also have options for couples, just for women, and just for men. Just come to our church building, and we can help you find a group that's right for you!