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Christian Homes Advanced through Mentoring, Prayer & Support

Don’t you want to champion Christian families? Be a champion for our children! All generations long to be heard and known by name, yet younger generations report feeling forgotten, invisible, left out, and overlooked.

The solution? Become a mentor!


Who Is a Mentor?

  • an authentic Christ follower and growing spiritually, and a member of the church

  • a good listener

  • shares what God has done in his or her life

  • comes alongside the child and their family to guide and encourageapproachable

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

When Is CHAMPS Starting?

We are just starting to identify potential adult mentors and the kids who would want to be a part of this. We need your help! If you have any interest in learning more, please contact Ben Tarver or Candy Beggs!


What Is Mentoring?

Mentoring is…

  • a relationship between two people (and families!)

  • a bridge between generations

  • a tool for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth

Matching faithful members of First Baptist Church with children is a win-win game plan,
bridging the generation gap for churchgoers of all ages and seasons.​

Kids Running

Who Is a Mentee?

  • a child who regularly connects with First Baptist in Sunday school or children’s Wednesday night programs

  • may or may not be a professing Christian

  • may or may not be baptized

  • is learning more about God

  • needs a godly Christian role‐model in their life (you!)

Child Model
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